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Thread: WiiFlow Problems when Existing to Menu Black Screen

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    Question WiiFlow Problems when Existing to Menu Black Screen

    Hi All,

    Have a softmoded Wii 4.1U. WiiFlow is working, all the games are loading without any problems from the usb drive. The problem is when I hit the home button and when exist to the Wii Menu, I get a black screen, lost remote connection. To bring the Wii back I pull out the power cable and the Wii starts working fine until I use WiiFlow or the usb loader in NeoGammR.

    Have install channel for 222 and 249. Same problem.

    No preloader or priloader install.

    Have tried the usb drive in other Wii. It is working fine.

    Hope some can please help. Many Thanks.
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    Hi all,

    Also tried running syscheck but no luck. Can some please help.


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