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Thread: ARC on 4.2K Wii

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    ARC on 4.2K Wii

    I am currently teaching English in Korea and recently bought a Wii. As I do not read Korean and do not plan on being here more than a year, I would like to change the region of my Wii. I have looked into softmodding and from what I have read I believe I can, with more studying, change the region of my Wii.

    My question is, how easy is it to change regions back and forth with the Korean Wii? The Wii I bought came with the Korean version of Sports Resort and Super Mario. I would like to buy Zelda and Mario Galaxy, but I want to buy the American versions. Will it be safe/simple to use ARC to change regions back and forth from Korean to US, or should I plan on selling my Korean games and replacing them with US versions?

    Any advice will be appreciated.

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    You do realize region changing on 4.2K will brick your Wii, right? Look here.

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