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Thread: Cannot run my Wii Resort on disc!

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    Cannot run my Wii Resort on disc!

    I just soft modded my virgin 4.2u wii today using ShadowSonic2 guide. After 4 hours, and it was a success. THX ShadowSonic2!!! My problem arise when I tried to load Wii Resort off the disc (I don't have time to rip it on to a usb yet). It turns into a black screen and my wii remote died and i had to reset it. However, I can load my Smash Brawl perfectly find. Just want to see if anyone have any insight why this happened.

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    That game is troublesome, look at this post to get it working -

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    Sounds like a bad burn. Try it again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krafter View Post
    Sounds like a bad burn. Try it again.
    Is not a burn game

    Installed IOS55-64-v4633 and now it is working perfectly
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