Developer- Stinkee2
File Size- 5.19Mb
Latest Version- 2.0

PSP coder Stinkee2 is back to update his fast-paced retro styled game, Swarm, in which you control a purple colored rectangular creature trying to escape a swarm of enemies out to get you.

The latest release has added some new features that makes the game even harder than the first. Just a little reminder for everyone, if you a have a history of seizure, better hold off playing this one.

Ok, this is really my first intentional game release. What I mean by that is I've made other games but only for testing purposes only.

This is my first time programming any artificial intelligence at all. The enemies in this game do not just move towards you. well they do, but. It's cool because it is not just "Position = Position.MoveTowards(Player)".
It is actually kind of "Thinking" . I guess you have to be a programmer to really appreciate this. Anyway, I'm going too far into the programming part of it .

Analog stick - Move the player (the only purple one)

Point of the game
You are a single purple rectangle creature thing and you have to avoid the enemies (the black rectangles) as much as you can while your score increases. You can only beat the level if your score is good enough. It actually gets kind of addicting after the first 2 levels .

You can go off the screen and come out the other side like in asteroids.

There is an unlimited amount of levels and they get gradually harder. I don't think anybody will make it past level 25 though .

Soon to come features
I will add special actions you can do to make the enemies avoid you for a certain amount of time
I will add a "bubble of safety" feature you can use once in each level after you get a certain amount of points
Better looking display for score and health
weapons (not for the enemies)
Source- QJ