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Thread: [Guide] Dump save files from original DS cartridges to PC via WiFi

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    [Guide] Dump save files from original DS cartridges to PC via WiFi

    In this guide I'm going to show you how to dump .sav files from original DS cartridges to PC via WiFi using a homebrew app called SavSender.

    SavSender is a tool for the DS that allows for savegame management of official DS saves through Wifi. This is of particular interest to users of slot-1 homebrew devices, as save management is not possible on most slot-1 devices. The R4 and M3 Simply do not have access to the FAT file system after reinsertion, and the DS-X completely reboots the entire DS upon reinsertion.

    To counter this issue, a user named Abcd1234 created SavSender that uses Wifi to interact with a computer so that it is not necessary to reinsert the homebrew device. Originally only a save dumping utility, version 1.1 was released May 21 2007 that allowed for writing as well.

    Other tools like REIN, REINMOON, EEPINATOR, and RAC are available but only work on slot-2 devices. Actually they can usually copy FROM slot-1 flashcarts TO commercial game carts, it's only the other way around that has problems.

    What You Need

    Beginning Steps

    Dumping Saves

    Restoring Saves

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