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Thread: Flex Manager - a coverflow sytle backup loader for PS3

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    Flex Manager - a coverflow sytle backup loader for PS3

    Flex Manager v1.0 - download, mirror

    Flex Manager v1.0.1 - download
    Flex Manager v1.0.1 (spanish version) - download

    Today a PS3 Netflix style Backup Manager dubbed Flex Manager is available, courtesy of khaosjimena, 0o_shelak_o0, Cuberata and Charlo at

    Version 1.0.1 Changelog:
    • add some bottom temporary on front
    • waiting for option over the games selected

    For those curious, it allows you to select from PS3 games on your HDD similar to how you would choose a Netflix movie, and covers should be 348x400 in size and placed in the following directory:


    Finally, the titles need to match their respective PlayStation 3 game ID counterparts and currently PNG image names must be in CAPS to work.
    source - ps3news
    older versions can be found at the source


    Here is the original post from
    · Se instala al igual que el Open Manager en el directorio /OMAN46756
    · Las carátulas (tamaño: 348x400) se guardan en: dev_hdd0/game/OMAN46756/covers/BLESxxxx.PNG (importante que la extensión este en mayúsculas).
    · Si se tiene instalado Open Manager lo sobreescribe pero sin borrar los juegos que tengamos.

    Compatibilidad con Patch mode: "Compatible con payload v3 Hermes"
    · Iverson88 => PS3Key v2.3 NO funciona F1 2010 (error de mandos)
    · Ernesther => Con PSgroopic SI funciona el F1 2010

    In English via google translate
    · It installs just like the Open Manager in the / OMAN46756
    · The covers (size: 348x400) are stored in: dev_hdd0/game/OMAN46756/covers/BLESxxxx.PNG (important that the extension is in capital letters).
    • If you have installed Open Manager overwrites it without deleting the games we have.

    Patch Compatibility mode: "Compatible with v3 payload Hermes"
    · Iverson88 => NOT work PS3Key v2.3 F1 2010 (error control)
    · Ernesther => PSgroopic SI works with F1 2010
    source -
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    great job

    Looks great! Well done!

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    Thumbs up Game path

    Is the default path to load game is /dev_hdd0/games/OMAN46756/Gamez/ and is there a option change the game path exp. /dev_hdd1/gamez/

    that loader look good, tanks


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