This chance to score an invite to the best private tracker for Nintendo games is too good to keep in the Monthly Contest Forum.

October WiiHacks Prize Drawing - 50 Invitations to the PWN Network!!

WiiHacks has 50, that's right FIFTY!!, invitations to PWN...simply the best private tracker for games.

The PWN Network is the new, upgraded, and expanded site that grew from the original NTorrents private tracker that specialized in Nintendo console games. The PWN Network simply an excellently run and supported site for the gaming community. In addition to an active Forum and IRC community, PWN index coverage includes the Wii, XBox, XBox360, GameCube, Ninendo DS, PS3, PSP, PS2, Retro and Arcade games, and Mac and PC games.

Your chances to score a much coveted invitation to PWN may never be better. To enter the WiiHacks October drawing, make a donation of at least USD $5.00, through PayPal, to WiiHacks. Use the DONATE button. See below for more details.


The use of a third-party draw service allows ALL members (including WiiHacks Staff-no staff entries for this month's drawing=better odds for WiiHacks members) who donate within the draw period to be eligible.

How to Enter

Each USD $5.00 donation, made through PayPal to WiiHacks, is credited with one draw. There is no limit on either the number or amount of donation, so a USD $20.00 donation will yield 4 draw credits.

Eligibility Period

Donations confirmed and reported by PayPal from October 1, 2010 through October 31, 2010 will be eligible for the prize drawing(s).


[B] Fifty 1st Prizes of the much coveted and valued invitations to PWN.

Third-Party Draw Service

WiiHacks will be using the Third-Party Draw Service provided by acts as an unbiased third party to conduct the drawing in a fair and random manner. The service generates randomness via atmospheric noise and has been in operation since 1998.

The randomness of the numbers generated by has been evaluated by eCOGRA, a non-profit regulatory body that acts as the independent standards authority of the online gaming industry. will pick the winner(s) and create a record of the drawing on the Website.