The PSP has once again taken the top spot in Japan's weekly hardware sales charts. The Sony handheld took the number one slot from the Nintendo DSi this week.

The DSi's declining sales seems to be tied to Pokemon Black & White which has been steadily declining in sales since launch. No surprise there, since anybody in Japan who wants the game probably has a copy by now. It's still number one on the software sales charts, though.

The numbers of the other consoles, including the DSi LL and DS Lite variants, remained static. If combined, the DS series still has a sizable lead over the PSP.

Here are the numbers from Media Create:

* PSP - 37,842
* DSi - 24,937
* DSi LL - 24,246
* PS3 - 20,363
* Wii - 13,360
* DS Lite - 5,707
* Xbox 360 - 2,769
* PS2 - 1,247
* PSP go - 754
Source- [IMG]Gamasutra[/IMG]