Developer- Jurai
File Size- 2.06Mb
Latest Version- R1

Since people complained about how slow the 6 icon Pretty Manager took to update the icons while browsing, here is Sexy Manager.

[SPOILER="Features"]* Loads PIC1.PNG out of the game directory to display in full resolution as the background. Images are cached into /dev_hdd0/game/OMAN46756/cache/ by TitleID in order to speed up browsing of backups on USB devices
* Homebrew mode now displays the current IP address in the bottom left corner
* Multi-language support. Language is determined at runtime based on the current system setting. At the moment the application supports English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, and Swedish, more to be added hopefully soon
* Displays free space below the available storage devices
* Built in FTP now has access to the full filesystem instead of being trapped in the /OMAN46756/ directory
* Cleanly exits to XMB by watching for CELL_SYSUTIL_REQUEST_EXIT GAME
* Includes an option at selection which allows you to launch directly into the selected title (may not work with all backups)
* Hermes patch support (R3 to toggle, may introduce problems)
* Scroll by pages using left/right
* Rapidly scroll using L2 and R2
* Custom boot sound at application startup can be installed to /OMAN46756/USRDIR/BOOT.AT3
* PS3 update files are now skipped when backing up from a bluray disc (saves space)

Source- QJ