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Thread: black screen - FULL BRICK

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    Exclamation black screen - FULL BRICK

    That happened to me. I just bought a used motherboard from ebay for $58. including shipping, until someone figures a way to help us with full brick I think that's our only solution

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    how do you expect anyone to help when you have given absolutely no information as to what you have done!

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    after I messed with DopMii to install ios70 and didn't have priiloader installed to protect me. I can power the wii with remote or pushing power button but then just black screen. I did place this question before but was placed in the wrong area. Thanks

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    What system menu are you on?
    Do you have bootmii/boot2?
    Do you have priiloader?
    What was the last thing you did to your wii?
    Can you provide a syscheck (found in my sig)?

    All of these answers are needed for someone to help you.

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    Sounds like its not a boot2 Wii or at least doesnt have it installed.

    Important questions are:

    Do you have a NAND backup?
    Was bootmii installable as Boot2 (even if you didnt install it)?

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    I'm not sure but I remember seeing boot4, I had the nand back up and did try installing but screen stays black, I inserted a disk and sounds like is spinning but nothing comes on screen. Thank you

    4.2 I had bootmiiv4 I think, I could be mistaken. Priiloader was there but not installed. I can't provide a sys check because screen is always black. Thank you
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