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Thread: Anyone using D2All ?

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    Unhappy Anyone using D2All ?

    i'm using ntsc-u wii with wiiclip and d2all works well with ntsc backups..
    but none of the pal backups work...
    anybody using d2all and playing pal backups??
    i tried to change the region setting and/or brick block and/or remove update
    and/or patch with ntsc update...
    just couldn't get them work...
    i know pal version has different video i also used wiifrii for video patching.. still..nothing is working.. some get error reading disc from the start.. some get black screen after start.

    but according to

    Technical Specifications:

    Compatible with DMS, D 2A , D2B, D 2C , D 2C -2 and D2E* chipsets
    Compatible with all regions, USA , JAP and PAL (Europe , Australia & Korea ) 100% all in one solution
    Compatible with D2B "cut pin" drives (does not require the cut pins to be connected)
    Fully configurable and updatable via DVD
    Advanced automatic region detection with fallback (works even if a drive is changed to a different region Wii)
    Region override for Wii and Gamecube games
    Direct Boot of Wii original, import, and backup games
    Direct Boot of Gamecube original, import, and backup games
    Direct boot of homebrew in GC mode
    Supports multi-disc games, DVD-R, +R, +RW (no bitsetting required)
    Supports Dual Layer
    Supports factory made 'silvers', even with incorrect header data
    Supports, SMG, SSBB, Mario Kart and other 'problem' titles
    Streaming audio-fix for Gamecube games
    Diskspeed configurable via DVD, with separate settings for different media types
    Recovery mode makes it impossible to brick the chip with a bad flash
    Onboard JTAG interface for in-system updates of FPGA core if necessary**
    1Mbit onboard flash for storing data and applications
    Rock solid performance with 1.5V FPGA core and high quality components
    Onboard status LEDs

    The main advantage of D2all chip

    * Stable & highly compatibility .
    * The real all in one solution for Wii .
    * Lower wire count (only 5- 9 wire)
    * Upgradability function.
    * No need any switch or soldering to select the region & model of console .
    * Recovery Mode

    should work without converting right??
    also it says configuration and update from dvd.. but no firmware or utilities found on website..

    bought this pre-soldered to wiiclip from OZ
    i have problem with wiiclip not working properly(OZ couldn't help me with this issue)..i have to try several times to clip it on the d2c chip everytime i play. it won't work next time i turn on the wii even if it worked...for that reason i have to take if off and put it on again and again..i know.. it will wear the clip's pins...but unless i solder d2all to the chip or buy another wiiclip.. this is the only way i can play...
    anyhow.. i'm sure problem with the wiiclip is not the issue...infact i'm just glad that d2all works...but not as i thought......but maybe it will play original pal games? and not backups?

    please ..since d2all is not yet popular.. i couldn't find answers..
    anybody with any!

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    ive never even heard of it o.x

    but i know Pal has about a 50% work rate, to get 100% in all regions, i would just boot in gecko OS

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