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Thread: Hard mod wiiflow will not find USB HDD

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    Hard mod wiiflow will not find USB HDD

    Hey guys, I have done a lot of google searches and a bit of poking around on here and can not find an answer to my problem. I have a chip Modded Wii with 4.0 I believe, the homebrew channel works great installed wiiflow as a channel. I open Wiiflow and it askes I plug a hard drive into the bottom usb port, I do, and it still finds nothing. I have formatted with wfbs and loaded an ISO image of the game onto the drive using WFBS and it can not locate my drive. I tried using a WD 500gb passport and then an internal laptop drive connected to an enclosure. I also had to use the trucha bug fix.
    Thanks for any help guys!

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    No need to post this here, you already posted it in the newbie forum, AND got an answer, AND replied to it before you posted here.


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