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Thread: hi guys

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    hi guys

    i got neogamma R6 and lots of burned games dosnt start(error 001). So do i have to upgrade my neogamma, if yes then is it possible without SD card? or might something else help?

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    do any work? hard to know without more info but you neogamma is a bit outdated but your cIOS could be old too. you should be on rev 17 or higher for the best results

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    Also make sure you are burning the games with good burning software (imgburn is what I use) and burn at the lowest speed possible.

    If you have a usb flash drive, or external hard drive I believe the homebrew channel can read your homebrew applications from a FAT32 partition, just make sure you create an /apps/ folder like you would on an SD card. I am not sure about a DVD, but as long as you have DVDx installed, it is possible you can run the cIOS updates etc. from a DVD too.

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    cIOS? anyways most games work, but nintendo originals such as wii fit plus and new super mario bros dosent work.

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    cIOS is a custom IOS (basically a sandboxed mini driver/plugin) that the Wii loads into memory to perform tasks. In order to run backed up games, you must already have some version of cIOS installed. What we're trying to get at, is what 'version' of cIOS 249 you have installed. Just like a computer's operating system, the older it is, generally the compatible and less stable it is, if you can remember back to the nightmare Windows 95 was.

    What many of the guides out there, and the Wii-Hacks staff recommend is custom IOS 249, revision 17, which should be enough to run must commercial titles.

    However, there are some games out there that need a little more attention, and cIOS 249 just won't cut. This is where you will want to install cIOS 222 & 223 (v4 I consider the best, at the point in time) if you already have cIOS 249 installed, you can simple download Hermes cIOS 222/223 installer (from a trusted source) and use wad manager if it is a .wad, or use the homebrew channel and run the .dol if it is a prepackaged installer app. This should allow you to play NSMB, MH3 etc.


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