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Thread: USB Loader and Backup Launcher doesn't work?

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    Us USB Loader and Backup Launcher doesn't work?

    I used maufrog's guide to softmod my wii and I did everything correctly. When I start USB Loader it says Error: Couldn't open file!. I've done everthing correctly and formatted my hard drive to the correct format. What do I do now?

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    Which guide did you use to format your hdd and is your hdd on the compatibility list? Not all hdds will work.

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    Where can I find the compatibility list? I used the WBFS using the WBFS Manager. Are you sure its the hd? Do I have to install a IOS or CIOS?

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    If you followed mauifrogs guide it should work, but it sounds like you didn't set the hdd up right. Follow the usb loading link in my signature to set it up. I think there's a link to the compatibility list there as well.


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