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Thread: Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, PAL

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    Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, PAL

    Looking to buy this game.
    PM me if you have one.

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    Also looking to buy this game. PM please

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    got mine from

    hope this helps

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    Unhappy Anyone Have Indiana Jones Original Adventure?

    Wanna Find One Aswell....

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    I got mine from GAME on the high street after some searching online. eBay and Amazon etc were all highly priced. This title was going for 40 on ebay and thats just silly IMO. After much searching I thought I might as well try the local PC shops. 1st one I tried, GAME had it in the Pre Owned section for 20. Its never a cheap game and seems to be hard to find, for obvious reasons but my recommendation after a week of looking everywhere under the sun would be this one without doubt.

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    It is a shame you don't the ntsc version. I went to a local walmart yesterday and there were at least 20 copies marked down to 20 bucks a piece. Either the folks around here are using the other game or just not modding consoles as much as they are over there.
    Good luck with the search.
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    @Karofin, I had the same result, searched ebay, most were going for 30, went to Game store, got a pre owned for 19.99.
    @oddgriffin, $20 is a goos price, but as you say you have more to choose from.

    Either way I think we are all getting a good deal.


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