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Thread: Black Screen on Power on

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    Unhappy Black Screen on Power on

    Hello, i have an issue with my Wii since yesterday while playing the game Lego Harry Potter with my GF.

    My Details of Wii:

    My Wii is upgraded by Softmod from 3.4 to 4.1E and i use WiiFlow Starter for my Backup Games. It works many month good with few issues like Stackdump errors, but this was not a big deal. But yesterday my Wii freezed the first time without an error i just restarted it, but after then my Wii stayed black.

    I tried many restarts with HDD and without also with and without SD Card, but nothing changed screen is still black on powering on.

    The only what is working is the Priiloader, but it doesn't recognize my Wiimote. Can't control the menu. I will buy later a GC controller with hope that i can control the menu then.

    I connected my old PSU because i thought my new could cause this issue, because it didn't react on my pressing the power on button. I need to press is more and more times to get it on.

    With the old PSU the Wii starts directly without delay, but same issue "Black Screen" and no sync possible with WiiMote...

    I don't know what i can do, maybe someone have an idea? When i can control Priiloader, what i could then, to test what is bricked?

    Thanks in advance


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    can you turn the Wii on by using the wiimote?

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    Nope, no reaction. Also not, when i start priiloader. It can't sync.

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    Sounds like a bad bluetooth module. If you have a GC controller make a SaveMiiFrii and try to get into recovery mode. If recovery mode comes up successfully then you will have to open up your console and check the bluetooth module. Sometimes they just come loose so make sure it's in tight. If the result is still a black screen, you will have to install a new BT module which you should be able to find on eBay for around $10-$15.

    Here's what the bluetooth module looks like for reference...

    005.jpg 004.jpg
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    Okey thanks i think too it is the BT Module, but damn can't open my Wii it have some screws which are not standard. I will buy an extra screw driver for this secure screws

    I will post some new infos, as soon as i will replace my BT module.


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