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Thread: pikmin 2 pal to ntsc

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    pikmin 2 pal to ntsc

    im trying to get pikmin 2 pal to work on ntsc i got a component cable and i tryed editting to muti settings all i get is black screen on on hd tv and on the other i get scrolling screen any ideas? its a sony tv im trying this on

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    In your loader force the video settings to the games region. The scrolling is what happens when you don't force the video in an out of region game.

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    ive tryed foecing pal 60 and 50 anbd ntsc no luck when forceing pal i get screen scrolling

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    Keep messing around with the video and force region settings. You can't hurt anything by playing with them and I promise that is your problem. It just takes some tinkering to get it to work. It also doesn't hurt sometimes to try another loader.


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