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Thread: NBA Jam: Unlock Obama and Palin teams!

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    Us NBA Jam: Unlock Obama and Palin teams!

    To unlock the Obama team, hold the Wiimote vetically and at the Title screen press left on the D-pad 13 times then press + to hear a chime. Then at the team select, press + to enable.

    To unlock Palin and the GOP, do the same except press right 13 times.
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    Interesting from an entertaining "easter egg" feature POV. Still love that miniature tagline/sig as well

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    Excellent easter egg, thanks. I'm so glad they remade this game. One of my absolute favorites from the 90's.
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    Thanks, I'm going to try this out.

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    That's a funny easter egg. There's so much more that could be said but I'll keep my political perspective for another forum site heh heh.

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    Still love that miniature tagline/sig as well
    I would never have caught this, LMAO.
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