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Thread: Yet another Rock Band issue

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    Yet another Rock Band issue

    Rite, let's see if now the thing works.

    I have Rock Band 2 (on a backup disk) and load it through NeoGamma (it doesn't even recognizes the game through Disk Channel). Naturally, some issues with DLCs and instruments popped up, such: only one USB port worked for the microphone, and my drums (Leadership one, third-party and very crappy) just weren't detected in the game (although the light on it is lit).

    So I heard I had to load it through Disc Channel (how the fack can I do this? DARKCORP only?) or loading through cIOS 222. I chose second option, tried Softchip and it keeps giving me the ioctl error. I also heard that USB Loaders could read backup discs through any cIOS, but... I don't have any formattable USB drives to gain access to the loaders.

    So please, help me. I'm spending a lot of time trying to figure this out, but... it's very, very annoying by now.

    PS: Dop-Mii keeps telling me my version of 222/223 is a stub, but I uninstalled it, installed through cIOS installer v4, and the Stub message doesn't get out of there.
    PS2: System Menu 4.2 (if that matters), NTSC-U console and game.

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    We do have guides for these titles, I suspect a general fail both in terms of unstubbing your IOS and in performing a search.


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