Latest Version- Amarth, Daid

Jump 'n Bump, a cute bunny game with blood, ported to the Wii. The original is maintained at [1]. This is a multiplayer game. Each player controls a fluffy bunny jumping around in a pleasant environment. The aim is simply to jump on the other bunnies to make them explode in a shower of blood and to increase your score. Fun for the whole family!

-Recompile with newest libogc and Wii SDL
-Fix Gamecube controller crash
-Fix end-of-game score board not being cleared for non-participating players

[SPOILER="Todo"] * Move wiimote to jump
* Front-end for options (disable flies!) and level selection
* Remove unused part of the code to lessen filesize
* Use gzipped .dat files to lessen filesize
* Bunny locater with 1 button
* UT announcer (rampage! double-kill!)
* slow-mo-mode [/SPOILER]

Source- Wiibrew