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Thread: just about everything and then some

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    just about everything and then some

    if anything breaks, or you do something stupid after reading this, i am not responsible youre responsible for youre actions!

    table of contents
    • modchips
    • firmware
    • homebrew channel and programs
    • games

    1. Mod chips

    what modchip is best for my drive?
    • any are good, as long as they are current chips , except things like wii cyclone, and ninja are bad for NEW buyers, since they no longer get updated.
    • all new chips, can go on a clip
    • wiikey2, and d2pro use 6 wire installs thus the easyest to install
    • recommended are wiikey2, d2pro, and wasabi, but anything is good as long as the team are still around

    what is a wii clip?
    • a wii clip is a simple device that the modchip is soldered on to, and you place it over the chip, for a solderless mod, perfect for newbs, noobs, and people who dont want to leave any traces

    ___ feature is on this, but i want this but it lacks ____?
    • most modchips, have a feature that no other modchip have, HARDWARE wise, like D2pro's Jtag, and wasabis onboard memory, none of these features are important as of now, and may never be important, untill the time comes, any feature it has or doesnt have that are unique to the chip, and thus shouldnt be used in consideration.

    region free, and backups.. will they work?
    • all modchips have the same ammount of region free, and backup work ratio, in addition to work with the same amount of games, and so on and so forth
    • they will work, as long as the iso is good, and you burned it correctly, 2.4x speed is recomended

    which Disc is best?
    • they say verbatim -R, but its not a HUGE deal, people say it will kill your drive, but take it for what it is, he said she said
    • made in japan, and taiwan are recomended

    -R, but i have +R's, or +RW's, can i use them?!
    • yes, you can, but it will ruin your drive faster, not to a point where you 100% have to change to -R, but to a point where theres actual logic to why it is like that
    • for best result use layerbreak to 2084960 exactly, nothing else!

    you said ruin my drive, why is that, and how can i avoid it?
    • its based off dye, darker = better
    • there are other more technical reasons but, its easier not to get into it and confuse you, or bother you with useless details when it is because it is works just as well

    2. firmware

    which firmware is best?
    • 3.2

    • it just is lol, no really, its because it doesnt limit homebrew, and it doesnt contain the fakesign bug fix

    i have 3.3 can i downgrade?!
    • yes you can, there are many programs, and ways to do it, search this forum, or google around for the program that you feel best doing it in

    i have 3.3, can i use the twilight hack?
    • yes, you can but you need the latest beta 1, to use it

    i have a modchip do i need the twilight hack?
    • no, you can install it via ISO which is posted on the site, just put it in and install it

    can i install it with a disc with 3.3 firmware
    • no you cant, since 3.3 patchs the fakesign bug, and blocks it
    • if you have a modchip you can use a backup, if not then you 100% need the actual

    what about 3.4

    what is a Cios?
    • a Custom IOS, which is used to make programs run better, and update IOS's without updating so you can run games that need a updated IOS, to play

    my wiiware games wont play why is that?
    • if you have 3.1 you need 3.2 firmware
    • if that doesnt work you need CIOS37
    • Cios 37

    i semi bricked/bricked my wii, what do i do?
    • get savemii, or freesavemii, and install a higher firmware, if you have 3.4 you need to wait for 3.4 v2 or 3.5
    • there are also 2x channel removers that require a modchip, or homebrew channel

    can i update?
    • if you dont use homebrew, or play out of region at all, you can upgrade from anything and everything as of now, without a issue

    3. Homebrew channel and programs

    what is it?
    • it is a channel which allows you to run various programs off your SD card

    which SD cards work?
    • most 2 gigs work, anything above 2 wont work, or wont let you use the full amount past 2 gigs

    i updated from 8 or lower, to 9 and now my programs wont work, why?
    • you need to change the .elf files, to .dol

    i installed apps on my sd card, but they dont show... why?
    • you must make it look like this
      root with a "apps folder" then in the apps folder, put the program, and make sure the .elf or dol file is named Boot

    i want to install ____ how?
    • get HBC beta 9, then get Wad Manager V 1.3, read the read me, and enjoy

    can i brick my wii with a wad?
    • yes, but if its not injected, youre safe more or less, its recomened to download from sites you trust

    i saw i can use codes, to mod/edit a game, where do i find them?

    can i use these codes, online?
    • yes, but no one on this forum, is gonna help you, so go elsewhere, and keep the drama for your self no one in intrested in it

    i cant decide, which programs are best, help please
    • gecko OS, wad manager, and homebrew browser, which allows you to view, and download apps stright to the SD card

    i have firmware ___ and i want to use the Wii Shop can i?

    i hear there is a backup loader, is that true?
    • yes, you can boot SOME backups, a list is on some forums with constant updates, just search around for it

    my game doesnt work with the backup loader why?
    • some games, work perfectly, some games work semi perfectly, its too new for it to be 100%, please remember this when you use it, though i recomend using a chip, since its much simpler, and will cause less issues for a simple ammount

    4. games

    what is a backup?
    • copy of a original game, you must use a modchip, or backup loader to play

    i need ___ update to play, can i avoid this?
    • yes, most modchips latest firmware, allow you to block them for imports and domestic
    • programs like Wii update manager, and brickblocker do the job too

    other region firmware... is it bad?
    • you Should only install firmware, related to your region, you might brick, or semi brick your wii

    imports or scrubed games dont work on 3.3+
    • the fake sign bug got patched, so you must use the full game, or boot in geckoOS

    what is a wiiscrubed game?
    • its a program that removes useless data, and makes the game easier to compact, thats why you can download 1 game thats 4.31 gigs, and the same one for 433 mb

    my game gives a black screen, or doesnt work why?
    • some games have updates that are required to play, there are work arounds like geckoOS, and such usually based off the game, you can find the thing needed from asking around or googling

    animal crossing doesnt work how do i fix it?

    whats the best place to get backups?
    •, or bitgammer are good, but if you dont want to seed, then use

    i have ____ hacked or edited, can i play online?
    • yes playing online doesnt get affected by anything as of now, later idk, but you can get online with anything running on a real, or backup

    will playing online update me, or is it needed?
    • no, and no, many are playing Call of Duty, world at war, and have firmware 3.2 and it has 3.3 and can play online without a single issue

    friend codes, are they all the same or different per wii?
    • each friend code is on a game by game bases, so it will be different for every save, and game you play

    thanks section
    thank you howyeman from NT for the IOS30 tut, so i didnt have to link it xD
    thank you person from wiios *its down atm, so i cant name* for uploading IOS38
    thank you anthortic for the layer break number
    thank you various groups for your hard work, and many helpful programs :3
    and finally thank you Various people over the 6 months, that helped me learn, i cant really remember or name everyone, since i dont even remember where i originally learned most of it, but thanks
    thank you hackmii for the new twilight hack/info
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    that is very good indeed. i hope it is made a sticky, also i hope people new to the site take the time to look through it. i am certainly going to link to this thread for solving a lot of problems indeed.

    shouldnt you be crediting the people that taught you all that information though? it seems rude passing all of it off as your own, i am sure i have seen written quotes without citation in there.

    poor people having their words stolen

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    Admiral, cite the resources and this will be a sticky thread due to its information content.

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    in the whole thing there is only 2 things i took from someone else, because i couldnt think of a better way to word, ill go find them, and call it a day, sorry i wrote it really fast, and was just trying to finish it so i i could get to better things, if you think i missed anyone feel free to PM me, but other than the people i thanked, the coments were 100% from what i remembered anwsering a lot, in no real order xD
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    aaaaaaaaahh...... i can feel the love pouring through the tubes

    and thank you admiral victorinox for taking the time

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    np seemed easier to make this, link those questions and move on than anwser them each time

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    Wow, this is a very incredible faq! The only two things I would recommend are to have it a little more in depth, and possibly have pictures. I understand its a pain to describe everything, but when its more in depth, it helps a lot more. Thanks for the FAQ anyways!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunfreak11 View Post
    Wow, this is a very incredible faq! The only two things I would recommend are to have it a little more in depth, and possibly have pictures. I understand its a pain to describe everything, but when its more in depth, it helps a lot more. Thanks for the FAQ anyways!
    i decided to keep it vague for the most part because i dont want to get into a HUGE HUGE HUGE read fest for people and such, when i wrote it i was making sure to keep away from terms, and keep it simple, the main reason people get confused are overly explained anwsers, or i didnt see a point

    which one exactly would u recomend making longer, and maybe ill fix accordingly, and for pictures, i dont see them being helpful, like most things are doing what the program says, is anything needed?

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    Thank you for this amazing FAQ
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    ok ok ill sign on

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