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Thread: newb question about an external HDD

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    newb question about an external HDD

    Ok so im going to mod the wii and im just wondering what HDD is going to be a good choice.

    i automatically assume the my book 1TB cause i figure its never going to get full

    but is it to much

    just wondering before i go buy a hdd


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    It's your choice. I own a 1Tb Hitachi external HDD I know it's never going to get full but I bought it just in case.

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    I have a my book 1 tb, have 8 gigs partitioned for wads and the rest, well... One day I will have all the games But the memory on the wii fills up with save games

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    Cool, thanks for the replys

    My book is on sale so ill go with that

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    One more Q. Should i just make two partitions of 500?

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    Really up to you. You can have as many partitions as you would like.


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