This was translated by Google (not me) so you'll see misspelled words.

Crediar has SNEEK to revision 124 update. SNEEK (SD NAND ES emulation kit) is a BootMii modification, the emulation of a complete Wii or a NAND backup allows. The variant for SD and SDHC cards called SNEEK and the option for USB devices UNEEK is called. In any case, backup is a decryptetes NAND required (for example, a with ShowMiiWads decryptetes BootMii NAND backup).

The FATlib library in the DI module has been revised so that now the Party and Paper Mario Wii games should run without problems. The ES module some code was removed, the crash would have caused.

SNEEK must either themselves or compiled by SNEEK Installer to be treated. The hosting of completed files is not allowed, so we can offer you a version ready unfortunately.

For the SNEEK installer method, the necessary modules, however, been made available on the project site are already compiled, leading to the creation date of this news is not the case. Therefore install is currently the only way to SNEEK r124, download the source code to themselves and all the files to compile. But you might in an appropriate forum tutorial is available.

Before questions arise regarding DIOS MIOS: No, there is no new information. The open beta has been postponed due to an unexpected problem until further notice. We will keep you informed.


FATLib-updated to fix an error Which happens when a folder and a file
have the same name until the dot. (Wii Party, maybe other games too)
-Removed code Which can cause a crash

Download SNEEK Installer v0.1b5