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Thread: Wiiflow and Triiforce?

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    Wiiflow and Triiforce?

    OK... I have a question... I have an external Seagate Freregent 1.5 TB drive formatted as follows: partition 1 is 32GB Fat32. Partition 2 is 1.XX TB (whatever is left) and formatted NTFS for running games under WiiFlow (over 700 titles at present) in .WBFS format. Everything works fine on a system 4.2U Wii using CIOS 249 rev 20B. The reason for the Fat32 is I planned on installing Triiforce. However, I read TriiForce needs CIOS 249 rev 14-17, and it will not run on anything higher. WiiFlow needs rev 19 or LATER to read NTFS. So, from what I can tell, I am stuck. IS this correct?? anyone else running this configuration? I read that rev 21 willbe out soon and should fix the problem (I hope!!!) HELP!!!!!! Is there any way to run bot like mentioned above at the present time?

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    hey, that is no problem.
    to keep compability you ll install cios249rev17 and
    rev20 in slot 250.
    now get a wiiflow which runs on 250 and loads games on default with 250 (please find out, having a look here).
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    Thank you much sir. All is working fine.


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