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Thread: Beatles Rock Band problem and DVD-R media

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    Question Beatles Rock Band problem and DVD-R media


    First to get things out of the way, I have updated my Wii to 4.3U with my D2Pro Mod Chip. I only have NTSC games to avoid any possible bricking.

    Recently I had a spindle of Memorex DVD-R's and each and every game I have works flawlessly including GH5 and Warriors of Rock with that media.

    Now, I obtained a copy of Beatles Rock Band, and had 1 Memorex DVD-R left. I burned it with Image Burn at 1x and it seems to work OK, no Black screen, no anything.

    I then got a spindle of Philips 16X DVD-R's and burned another copy of Beatles Rock Band. For some reason, I am experiencing the black screen after the start up, only after receiving the black screen, the drive light will flash Blue and reboot my Wii, each and every time.

    My Questions are:

    1. When all of you experience the black screen, does your Wii reboot as well or do you have to physically reset it?

    2. Why would 1 media (Memorex) work, and the Philips not work? Other games I burned with the Philips work fine.

    3. Before upgrading to 4.3U, I tinkered with soft mods for NSMB before the new firmware for the D2Pro came out. Does upgrading to 4.3U completely erase all that tinkering and effectively put it back to stock (or the way Nintendo intended)? I mean does it erase and implement all the proper blocks on it?

    4. Should Beatles Rock Band work with no Issues on 4.3U and D2Pro and should I not be experiencing Black Screen/Reboot? I ask this just to confirm that the Media (Philips) is causing the problem. I don't want to buy another spindle of Memorex just to find it does the same thing.

    Please let me know..


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    the 4.3 update kills your chips region free and also kills all of your softmods. Follow the 4.3 guide to get back up and running, and also stick with the dvd's you know work. We suggest verbatim dvd-r discs.

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    I appreciate your reply thank-you.

    My Wii is running fine as I only download NTSC discs no out of region stuff just to be on the safeside.

    The problem could quite possibly be these Philips DVD-R discs.. I bought 2 spindles of 50 and literally ruined about 10 discs thus far... too bad I can't return the one spindle, I guess I'll use it for DVD recording on my DVR.

    My previous spindle of Memorex seemed to have burned Beatles Rock Band fine, and it plays OK on my 4.3U update, but the Philips ones must suck.. so much for the Inventors of CD/DVD Media technology. lol

    Thanks for the Verbatim Tip. 1 spindle is going back and going to buy the Verbatim ones. I'll report back once I do.


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    On Junkmail's suggestion, I purchased a Verbatim 50 pack DVD-R spindle (95101) and tried burning Beatles Rock Band again.

    To my pleasant surprise, it burned perfectly at 8x and played perfectly in my Wii!

    Thanks VERY MUCH. This has to be the first time I've every been happy to receive anything with a "Junk Mail" label.

    On a side note... no matter what Wii Media compatibility websites state, STAY AWAY from Philips DVD-R's. They are garbage!

    Thanks again!

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    I bought a cheap bundle of 100 Phillips CD-R's for music and only about 1 out of 10 work. Crap media... Glad you got it going. Only $5 for 100 CD's but that doesn't matter if they don't work, lol


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