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Thread: How do I find out if I have v3.3?

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    Question How do I find out if I have v3.3?

    I can't find any info on how to find out what version my wii is.

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    in the main menu, click the wii icon and hit In the top right corner, it will say x.x and e or u. x.x is your firmware version and the letters are your Im not sure, but I believe there are more regions than the two regions i said above.

    Hope I helped ^.^

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    Thanks man you really answered my question!

    It says "Ver. 3.3v" in the top right is this a bad thing? Should I downgrade this ver? I have The Homebrew channel installed I used the Twilight Hack with a rented game. Am I going to need to re rent the game to use the software needed to change my version?

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    Nope, if you have the homebrew channel, which you do, you can do the same things as you could with the twilight hack. One thing though, please mention what you are trying to do...


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