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Thread: Mymenuify Theme Help please

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    Mymenuify Theme Help please

    MY wii is already hacked and stuff.

    I used my menuify to chnge the themem and when I
    try to go to the internet options The screen goes black and it stays there!

    Please help My wii is 4.1u softmodded (Idk if it is i didn't open it up)

    please help.

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    Do you have bootmii installed as boot2? (Not as an ios). Themes are the easiest way to brick a wii and turn it into a doorstop.

    edit: also what is your system menu and region now? Double check

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    edit: If you mean the version 4.1u but

    but if you mean the theme it: dark wii version 2
    (sorry for leaving it blan earlier )

    The region setting is Usa if im correct.
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    This would be what we call a semi-brick. You loaded an out of region theme or compiled it with the wrong base. Load your onto your SD card and load it with MyMeunify.
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    Omg im a noob ):
    where do i get that .app?

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    You should have it... After you fix this never mess with themes again.

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    fixed I'll thank you guys. :3


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