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Thread: neo gamma problem, backup launcher problem

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    Angry neo gamma problem, backup launcher problem

    hello this my first post. my wii is a lu32 i succesfuly softmodded it and i played backups for a long time. then all of a sudden my wii would read backups any more. it would load up the disc and go to the safety warning then it would go to error occurred refer to operations manual. please help i dont have wifi so if i need install any ios or cios can u giv offline stuff.
    Also the backup game shows on the disc channel like the picture when it says starty or home menu
    my wii is a 4.1 u i didnt update for a months or something
    sysCheck v2.0 by Double_A
    ...runs on IOS61 (rev 4890).

    Region: NTSC-U
    System Menu 4.1 (v449)
    Hollywood v0x11
    Console ID: 49718237
    Boot2 v4

    Found 88 titles.
    Found 41 IOS on this console. 4 of them are stub.

    IOS4 (rev 65280): Stub
    IOS9 (rev 520): No Patches
    IOS10 (rev 768): Stub
    IOS11 (rev 10): Trucha Bug, ES Identify, Flash Access, NAND Access
    IOS12 (rev 11): No Patches
    IOS13 (rev 15): No Patches
    IOS14 (rev 262): No Patches
    IOS15 (rev 523): No Patches
    IOS16 (rev 512): Stub
    IOS17 (rev 517): No Patches
    IOS20 (rev 12): Trucha Bug, ES Identify, Flash Access, NAND Access
    IOS21 (rev 522): No Patches
    IOS22 (rev 777): No Patches
    IOS28 (rev 1292): No Patches
    IOS30 (rev 1040): Trucha Bug, ES Identify, Flash Access, NAND Access
    IOS31 (rev 3088): No Patches
    IOS33 (rev 2832): No Patches
    IOS34 (rev 3087): No Patches
    IOS35 (rev 3088): No Patches
    IOS36 (rev 3094): Trucha Bug, ES Identify, NAND Access
    IOS37 (rev 3609): No Patches
    IOS38 (rev 3867): No Patches
    IOS40 (rev 65535): Trucha Bug
    IOS41 (rev 3091): No Patches
    IOS43 (rev 3091): No Patches
    IOS45 (rev 3091): No Patches
    IOS46 (rev 3093): No Patches
    IOS50 (rev 54321): Trucha Bug
    IOS51 (rev 4864): Stub
    IOS52 (rev 5661): No Patches
    IOS53 (rev 5406): No Patches
    IOS55 (rev 5406): No Patches
    IOS56 (rev 5405): No Patches
    IOS57 (rev 5661): No Patches
    IOS60 (rev 54321): Trucha Bug
    IOS61 (rev 4890): No Patches
    IOS70 (rev 6174): Trucha Bug
    IOS80 (rev 54321): Trucha Bug
    IOS249 (rev 17): Trucha Bug, ES Identify, NAND Access, USB 2.0
    IOS250 (rev 65535): Trucha Bug, ES Identify, NAND Access, USB 2.0
    IOS254 (rev 65281): BootMii
    BC v2
    MIOS v8

    Report generated on 2010/12/07.
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    Have you updated your Wii recently?
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    so you didn't update as you said.
    does that happen to all your games, or just recently burned ones?

    you can have a look at a syscheck
    How to post a syscheck: Instructions here

    if you want to make sure your cIOS is correctly installed/up to date
    you can use the very first option of this guide
    Krank's Blackscreen Troubleshooting
    (make sure you only include the provided wad files to your wad folder when doin so)

    but that does sound more like a dirty lens or some bigger dvd drive issue.
    there are lens cleaning kits available or you can open your wii with a triwing screwdriver to clean stuff.

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