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Thread: Nba jam not loading

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    Nba jam not loading

    Nba jam will not load with uload v5.1e or usb loader gx v1.0. When i try to load it it just bounces me back to the main menu. Anyone know how to get it to work?

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    Interesting...maybe it's the game then? I thought I had a general problem see:

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    I am having the same problem with this game. I didn't have any problems burning it etc. When i insert the game nothing happens, so i thought i might have needed an update but when i try that i keep getting an error.

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    Update since someone else actually posted. I got a new external Hard Drive and decided to use some of it for some Wii loading. Works perfectly with Jam.

    I have to recommend USB methods if you got the money. Games load faster and you can store multiple if it's big enough.

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    Finally got it working. I thought it was down to which firmware i have but it was due to using a US version of the game. I am using WII Key in my machine, that played US games before 4.0 and not after.

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