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Thread: USB Loader Help please!

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    USB Loader Help please!

    I have looked everywhere and can't seen to get this thing running. I just purchased a Western Digital Elements 2tb and cannot seen to get it working what so ever. Can someone please point me to a guide where I might be able to get this thing up and running.
    I've been using disc's up until this point

    I fire up the usb loader and all I get is Error: couldn't open file!
    Press any button to reboot wii...
    I tried all the reformatting and such. This thing only formats to NTFS and exFAT. I don't know....
    This was purchased today for me for my birthday. Is it usable or should I get the receipt and try to find something more compatable.

    Thanks Guys!

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    think the drive is listed here, check it.
    USB Drive Compatibility List

    there are two guides on here to prepare a drive and get it running
    USB loading guide
    mainly to use a wbfs formated drive
    usb loading with Fat32
    to use the drive in fat32 format (works accordingly with ntfs / for both you need updated cios (rev19+), rev20 preferred, and a loader which supports the drive format, cfg usbloader will do just fine)
    good luck with your drive
    & Happy Birthday

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