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Thread: external HDD question

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    external HDD question

    i have a 500gig external HDD i want to use for wii. is there a way to partition it to play wii games, emulators/apps and keep some space for my pc games and personal data?
    i read a few guides and couldnt find what i wanted to know.

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    look for wbfsmanager. Search for a tut. there is one here somewhere.You can partition your drive for wii and keep a bit of space for your pc.

    Heres the post.

    read the bit on "Partitioning the HDD"
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    Or you could follow the FAT32 guide and run everything from one partition. Check out the guide in my signature for more info and why FAT32 is recommended over WBFS.

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    will using the FAT32 method let me have my larger games on the HDD too?
    some are close to 20 gigs

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    There is no single game greater than the size of a DL disk (8gb or so). You obviously haven't read the linked guide, because it addresses the question.

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    Well 4GB is the size limit so if storing an ISO that is 20GB... no. Unless you can split the file and have it still be playable (like wii games).

    If just for storage, you could compress into split RAR's. NTFS would probably be a better choice for you....or multiple partitions.

    There is no single game greater than the size of a DL disk (8gb or so)
    True, if speaking of Wii games.
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    i meant for my kids to have their computer games on my hdd too, like WoW is 15 gigs etc.
    i did read it, but it didnt say anything about larger computer games


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