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Thread: New to WIIs

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    New to WIIs

    Hi there. Is it normal for system updates to come with games? I have had my WII for about a week now, and i was expecting updates to be online. Putting a game in shows up as 'WII system update', i just wanted to make sure that's a normal WII thing before i click on it. Just a regular WII with a regular game.


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    Yes, it is normal, however if you are softmodded then DO NOT UPDATE and look into installing priiloader.
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    I am hard modded. So this poses a question

    I have my update blocker ON. In wassabi, that seems to mean block all updates - so presumably when i try to accept the update it'll just fail. I read that accepting an update in another region comes with a big risk of breaking the console.

    For the sake of completeness, i guess that the correct process for someone in my shoes would be..

    1) make sure the backup is definately own region
    2) disable update blocker
    3) install update
    4) enable blocker
    5) Put valuable original back in box

    Does that seem like a reasonable approach?

    Hope i'm making sense.


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    I'm not a hard mod guy but that sounds right. You might want to ask your question in t he newbie section of the site. You are more likely to get a answer there.

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    --You will find everything you need to know about your Wii and maybe a little more right here. It just takes some reading but it is worth it. You can start by looking at our Site Index to get you on your way and maybe answer some of your basic questions as well.

    --To get you started in your adventure will find one of these guides helpful. Just pick one out that fits your Wii (yes that includes black Wii's).

    --There are also guides on setting up an external hard drive to play your backup games from. You can find one by Gen3sf here and another by Krank and Cile here.

    --We also strongly encourage you to use the search feature built into the forums. There is a nice guide that explains the ins and outs of it found here. We promote the practice of search first and ask questions later. Most new comer questions can be answered just by utilizing the search feature correctly. If you can't find an answer then please feel free to ask your question in the appropriate section.

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    Other links that might interest you:
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    Hi. I just thought i would reply back with my findings in case anyone else stumbled on this thread. I finally got a copy that worked (burned and verified the particular iso i was interested in). I did NOT disable the update blocker, assuming it would stop me from updating. However, the update worked anyway.. hmm. Perhaps the update blocker is for blocking system menu updates as opposed to updates needed for games. Anyway, worked fine. 'Course, i made sure it was a own region, but i'm not even sure if anothe region would have caused a problem - but why take the chance.


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