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Thread: help with my usb/loaders!?

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    Question help with my usb/loaders!?

    ok so im new to the hacking scene and i have a few quetions. i have used kranks guide to formatting and making a partition and everything... but now im reading i should format it back to WBFS? help! also, i have some old WBFS files of games like mariokart so can i put them straight onto my usb and run them using wiiflow? im also having troubles with downloading the games, using wii backup manager, WBFS manager and finding the ISO file or whatever. if someone could please give me a link to a guide that goes over how to download games on the USB it would be greatly appreciated, or if anyone could just post answers. thanks

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    You should be able to just insert the disc and copy it straight to the HD through the wii. If you have existins isos on your computer use wbfs manager to transfer them to your HD.

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    thats part of the problem. lets say i have exsisting wbfs files, i cant put any of them on my hdd because after i partitoned it, i only had like 31 mb. help?

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