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Thread: wii stack dump

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    Unhappy wii stack dump

    i have my usb with spare memory, but recently i started to add games to my usb loader and when i enter to the list of games i have this "stack dump" error message... i remove the recently added games from my usb and everything returns to normal (i can access again my games),.... help me plz, i want to add games , any comment will be great

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    2 things. If you down load the 3d cover that can do it not the game. The quick thing is to redo the sd card back up your saved games format your sd card, then put all the stuff right back in. The sd card holds the covers info. This has happened to me for a long time, now i just down load the 2d covers and i never had a problem since. Hope this helps.

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    the 3d covers are in the usb(and as you know you cant access the usb game files), but thanks for trying
    any other solutions?

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    amm... in the sd card the covers info are hidden? and if i need yo format it what files do i need to put back in?


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