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Thread: Transfering files to my wii

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    Wink Transfering files to my wii

    HI, I have got my wii softmodded thanks to the tuts on here, and it works great, also I have put my FAT32 hdd onto my wii and transfered ALL of games to it using cfg usb loader, again from the tuts on here and it all works perfectly, even if I do have to play with the ios's a bit!!!. But thanks to everybody on here that helped me.

    My next issue is born out of pure lazziness and lack of discs!!!
    To put games onto my hard drive without formatting the whole thing to WBFS I have to install it to the hard drive via the wii in cfg loader, but I need a disc for this.
    Is there a way to transfer my iso's to the hdd that is plugged into my wii over a wireless network in my house. Have heard on the grapevine but am a bit confused with the 'ftpii' app.
    Can someone please direct me to a tutorial for how to set this up please if it is in fact possible to do it this way please!!?

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    I'm a little confused on how you got the ISO without the disks. I can only assume that your original disks where either stolen or lost or something else. Because I'm sure you know that we do not support piracy around here.... I'm just saying.

    You can find a ftpii guide here and a guide for FAT32 drives here.

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    Ha ha, yes I can see how you came to that conclusion and I agree, NO TO PIRACY. However, I made the backups before I let the kids loose on originals. At the time of making the backups, I did not have my wii modded. But wanted to make sure I had copies of the files for this exact reason.
    Now I have managed to softmod my wii and some of the original discs are beyond saving, believe me i've tried!!!! Bloody kids, who'd have them eh!!! Only joking love them to bits.

    But I do not want to go and buy any blank discs if it is not necessary.
    Thanks, will look at the guides.

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    You're going to lose all of your data when you format so either buy another drive or some dvd's. Sorry, partner.

    edit- You could try to mark your drive as primary and active if it's already fat32 as you said. Might work. If you have to do the guide from the beginning you'll lose everything
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    If your loading from FAT32 just use Wii backup manager to transfer your files to the drive on your PC (info in the FAT32 guide). No need to waste discs or format to WBFS.

    Also, it will take forever transferring them with Ftpii.
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