libogc 1.8.4 is now available through the windows installer as usual.


libogc 1.8.4

* added libaesnd, improved version of libasnd It supports 32 voices now and uses ACCL to read in the samples.
* removed zlib in favour of the portlibs supplied version.
* GX functions added, GX_ReadBoundingBox, GX_GetVtxDescv, GX_InitTexObjUserData, GX_SetFogColor, GX_SetFogRangeAdj, GX_InitFogAdjTable.
* exit to wii menu now works with no bootstub installed.
* FPU context switch fixed, hopefully.
* async network init fixed.
* smb code improvements.
* dvd pseudo device now works on gamecube.
* dvd reading from ppc on Wii.
* allow override of Arena1 area from user code.
* usb 2.0 support through ios 58+.
* code cleanup and more doxygenation.

gamecube examples 20100930 and wii examples 20100930 have been updated for the new libogc.

With thanks to shagkur, tantricity, dhewg, ccfreak2k, rodries, emukidid, tueidj & dimok for their contributions to this release.

Source- devkitpro