Today, we release the long-awaited update for the platform that started it all -- Colors! for Nintendo DS v1.1. Discover our best release to date, with a new brush, high resolution exporting, integration of the online gallery through Wi-Fi, and a core painting experience that has been tuned with great care, and with much consideration of feedback from all of you. Check it out at the Colors! Gallery.

What's new in v1.1?

* Unlimited .drw length - There is no more 1MB limit for those huge painting projects
* Undo - A quick one-step undo, and better tools to be able to scroll through the playback of your painting
* Improved latency and performance - Colors! is quicker and more precise than ever. Sketching has never been more responsive
* Automatic full-screen pressure calibration - No more uneven pressure across the screen. It might even make your old throwaway DS usable again
* Gallery integration - Browse, download, like and share directly from your DS using Wi-Fi
* New UI - Cleaner, better, prettier. Just what you would expect from the most anticipated Colors! update ever
* Export painting - Repaint your painting in 2x or 4x directly on the DS. It's slow, but it's worth it
* Left/Right hand support - Configurate Colors! for left and/or right hand usage
* One additional zoom-level - Get a better view of your painting by zooming out a step
* New brush - A new bristle-like brush that gives a more organic feel to your paintings
* Colors! Magazine - A magazine in your pocket with interviews and a selection of paintings from the Colors! Gallery

Source- Colors