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Thread: How do I make Wii ISO smaller?

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    How do I make Wii ISO smaller?

    I have a SSBB ISO and I want to compress the ISO so it can fit in my 8.5gb disk. When I put the ISO in Burn, it says its 8.75gb. Is there any way to compress the ISO? I have heard of Wiiscrubber but I don't think they have a Mac compatible version. What should I do?

    Can anyone help?
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    Have you tried to burn the disc yet? If the image came from a dual layer disc, then it will return to a dual layer disc. Make sure to set the layer break on this game.

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    you need to set the layerbreak to 2084960
    but i don't think you have a proper backup of the game
    iso size should be 7.92Gb i think

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    Correct vinatec, image size of SSBB is 7.92GB, or 8,511,160,320MB. You have a bad/wrong image McCool100...

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    Thank you all of you!

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