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Thread: Wii won't play games after 4.3 update

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    Wii won't play games after 4.3 update

    I had previously softmodded my 3.4 wii, and I was using the neogamma loader to load all my games. My brother then took the wii(it was his he just wanted me to softmod it) and updated it to 4.3, so after he did that it of course removed the homebrew channel, but I also could not use the wii's disc channel it said that it could not read the disc and it did this with every disc even the netflix disc. I have read many ways to fix it but they all require a wii with the homebrew channel installed, is there anyway to fix this. Thanks guys.

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    try this 4.3 softmod guide from this site

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    I know how to softmod my wii the problem is that I can't launch ANYTHING from the disc channel(it says it cant read disc) so I can't use any of the 4.3 exploits, I wanted to know if there is a way to fix my disc channel.

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    i have the exact same problem? did ya ever get it figured out?...thanks

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    Sorry no one helped me so I had to send in to Nintendo it cost 80 dollars to repair.


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