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Thread: Possible online play problems?/ safe to update?

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    Possible online play problems?/ safe to update?

    Well, I've had the HomeBrew channel for a few weeks now, and it's just occurred to me that every time I've tried online play since (which, granted, has only been a few), it hasn't worked. I can connect to the Nintendo WFC fine, I can still use the shop channel etc, but online play doesn't seem to want to work.

    Has anyone else had this problem, or am I just genuinely having bad luck with this?

    Also, if I install the newest update from Nintendo, will this cause any problems? Since I already have the channel installed, they can't get rid of it, can they? The only homebrew I have/ use is Gecko OS and MPlayer anyway. Does anyone know if it would be safe for me to get the latest legit update?

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    i wouldnt because its not your anwser its SOMETHING ELSE
    what i dont know =\
    *i assume youre missing something or something needed is out of date*

    but i have been playing CoD WaW, which has to have 3.3 on it xD probly 3.3 v2, and i have 3.2 with CIOS 36, and i can play it fine, and im a level 20 master SGT online, xD, so its obviously something else


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