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Thread: USB Loader GX issues

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    USB Loader GX issues

    Hey guys,
    I recently softmodded and I'm having a couple issues with USB Loader GX. (Note: I installed the channel WAD as well)

    1) I cannot add a game if I load USBLoaderGX from the channel button. It only works if I load it through HBC. If I press the Add button when loading it from the channel button, it looks like it's tries to do something (something flashes on the screen but it's too quick), then it reverts back to the game list. Is this normal?

    2) If I'm in USBLoaderGX and I press the Home button, it gives me 2 options. "Back to Loader" and "Wii Menu". If I click Wii Menu, it returns to the Wii Menu. If I click Back to Loader, I get a black screen. This happens if I run USBLoaderGX from the channel button and from HBC.

    If you need any other information, just ask. Thanks.


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    What version are you using. I use wiiflow so I'm not too versed in USBloader gx. But, I read a lot of threads with people having issues with the newest version.
    Wii 4.1U - cIOS38 rev17 - 500gbHDD - Wiiflow 2.1 - uLoader 5.1 - Wimc 1.0.9 - Priiloader 0.5 - boot2 - gamecube launcher 2.0 - cMIOS rev3

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    newest rev938

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    I use the same version of gx. I actually never used the add button, I always have gx running then insert the game disc. It will ask me what I want to do then (play or install). The return to loader thing I dont know, you are still in loader at that point so there really is no need to use it. make sure you are using 249v17. Also think you can upgrade to 222v5 hermes with 938 gx.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skellinator View Post
    make sure you are using 249v17. Also think you can upgrade to 222v5 hermes with 938 gx.
    What are you referring to when you say 249v17 and 222v5 ?

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    Wanin's cIOS38 Rev 17 and Hermes cIOS 222/223.

    Stick with Hermes v4 not v5.
    Damn I suck!!!!


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