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Thread: Downgrading IOS

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    Downgrading IOS

    I've been reading around and the general idea is that you wouldn't need to downgrade a IOS unless a specific app used it. I'm having trouble getting Mario and Sonic at olympic games to work fully. It will load and play, some "events" will try to load but get stuck on the loading screen. I'm wondering because wiiscrubber says it uses IOS21-64-v514 and I've got IOS21 (rev 1038): No Patches. Would downgrading fix the issue? I would think having a newer version would give better compatibility, true? I've tried all the obvious fixes, anti 002, vid, alt dol etc. I've also tried pal and ntsc both different ISO's, I'd assume it's not the copy or regions.

    Is this even safe to try? Downgrade to v514 and if it doesn't change the issue upgrade back to v1038?

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    If this is a backup using a backup loader, messing with the ios won't help as it is just reliant on the cios.
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    That won't help anything. The lastest revision will work....however if you are playing from a backup load then the game is using your cIOS not the IOS.

    The point, leave your IOS not downgrade them unless told to. You have a rip/burn/transfer issue or cIOS...or maybe HDD issue.
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    I guess it was a "burn" problem. I was doing it as "game partition" only. I decided to try doing it as a 1:1 copy. This worked. Thank you guys for the clarity, it only makes sense if I'm using a loader that it's cios. The HDD is only 3 weeks old. Glad that wasn't the issue =)


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