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Thread: usb hd not working

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    usb hd not working

    hello ive modded around 15 wiis never had any issues with any well a friend of mine brought me there old wii they dropped and did a hell of a number on the disk drive so i installed homebrew via banner bomb then updated the wii to 4/2 useing a hacked updater then installed ios 222 rev 4 and ios 249 rev 20b plugged the hd into the bottom port of the wii and tryed to load hd i get device time out when doing so so i desided to format an sd card and load a few games off there to test my ios install and see if it is able to load games it did work but back to the point he he the usb seems to be intact from the outside of the wii the ios had hd acess according to mmm i was wonding if any one had any idea of how i can fix it i have tryed reformatting the hd and trying the hd off my wii none are working and useing an sd card will not cut it so if any one has an idea of how to fix it or a guild to replace the usb it be much appericated
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    Thats all pretty hard to read there.

    do you have your hard drive partition set as primary and active?

    I need some info that could help in diagnosing your problem.

    Describe the makeup of your hard drive (my hhd is below)
    1.5tb hard drive with following partitions
    1st partition: 20gb FAT32 (Primary / Active) (for wii apps)
    2nd Partition:1.4tb NTFS (Primary) (for backups and media)

    Where the files required by wiiflow are located (mine is in the fat32 partition)

    Are you using WBFS, FAT32 or NTFS for your backups?
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    When your friend did a number on his disc drive. Does the drive power up? I have heard that to get a hdd working it still needs some sort of power going to the disc drive

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    i am using WBFS format and drive is primary and active disk drive still ejects disk but i do hear a radelin inside of it


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