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Thread: Twlight Hack Question

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    Twlight Hack Question

    a few questions, My wii is Semi bricked and it appears that to run the channel remover you need to have the HBC. Can I install the twilight hack if my wii is semi bricked? also I am already upgraded to 3.4 can I install the hack if I am at 3.4?

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    no, 3.4 is 100% hack proof unless its allready there

    youre offically 100% SOL, atm...

    if you do have a modchip, you CAN try to get the Channel remover ISO and burn it to a disc, and do that but 3.3 has the fake sign bug fixed so it SHOULDNT work, but doesnt mean you cant try

    the thing to remember is, most brick fixers, mean upgrading the firmware, since youre current it cant be helped atm, so i guess you got to make due, since its a semi you SHOULD be able to play games still

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    I do have a mod chip and am able to play games. As far as i can tell the only issue is the additional channels. Is there any concern leaving it this way?

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    i hear some people cant get into settings other than that no, doesnt matter you cant fix it xD


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