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Thread: Tried to install Priiloader; rebooted like said to but I can't find System Menu Hacks

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    Tried to install Priiloader; rebooted like said to but I can't find System Menu Hacks

    Where is System Menu Hacks? Did I install Priiloader wrong? I'd really like an answer because I'm not going on until I can be reassured and told what to do.

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    Wink Im here to help

    dude heres how u install it
    download it from here Preloader/Priiloader - WiiBrew
    then put in the apps folder and installl it and ure done
    now to use it turn on the wii and straight away hold reset
    do not install anything unless u have a backup of ure nand

    if im of any help press thanks
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    Thats not correct info.
    He already installed priiloader it sounds like.
    He just needs the hacks.ini for his system menu on the root of his SD card.
    Then boot priiloader like this >>>>>> Hold reset, press power still holding reset, priiloader should load
    Go to system hacks, enable the update blocks and region free ones, more if you like but if you don't know what they do, you don't need them.
    Good luck

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    This guide has all the info you need.

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    Well it seems as though I did have it installed, I just had to manually go to Wii System Hacks (which was called Edit Wii Hacks or something along those lines) and do it myself. Thanks anyway.


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