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Thread: Newbie wii softmod. Copied games are black and white. Please help

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    Newbie wii softmod. Copied games are black and white. Please help

    Hey everyone. Im a total newbie to softmodding so plz be gentle,lol. So i moded my pal wii using the lego game. Took me 8 hours,lol. And i was buzzing once the game booted of a copied disk. I burned 4 games and they all worked using the backup launcher channel. I was on firmware 4.3e. Just cant understand why they are black and white. Original games load via same loader in colour. I have tried both ntsc games and pal. Any help and info would be fab. Thanks everyone.

    Just also tried using neogamma. Tried changing the settings in region to pal. Still no good. Tried a few different settings and its still not colour.
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    gentlest answer you will get, as you admitted to use improper backup sources for gaming.
    use the search function with black and white.
    find out about videosettings of your loader and forcing it to your wiis region.

    good luck

    don't support piracy, buy legit games.
    always say that in the end..

    oh a link pops up
    play out of region games (disc loading)
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    Its ok. Ive sorted it. Used that geko and forced the screen to 50,pal. Thanks vinatet.


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