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Thread: Monster hunter tri "The disc could not be read"

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    Monster hunter tri "The disc could not be read"

    I just borrowed my brothers Wii and it has Wii key(Latest if I remember right)
    I burned monster hunter at the slowest 1x using a Verbatin dvd -r and ImgBurn.
    Everything worked good, made the character and so-so.
    Saw the intro movie. Fishermens in weird underwear. And then the movie completes
    And the screen goes dark and a white text pops up saying" The disc could not be read, please refer~"

    I retry playing again by starting it up again, choosing my character, but bam...nothing just the same text and "Now loading" background stopped"

    As I have no experience with Wii's, I'm wondering what I should do as there seem to be no one having this problem.
    And all the topics I've found is about their screen going black and making a noise, which
    mine does not

    Also the verison on the Wii is 3.1E

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    Don't post the same thread twice. Nightstah already responded to your previous thread. You still need to post an introduction, and since you just copy/pasted your old post, I doubt you looked at the MH3 thread like he told you.
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    What he said. This thread is now closed as well. Do not create another one!


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