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Thread: Backup Using DVD+R?

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    Backup Using DVD+R?

    If I backup a game to a DVD+R will it work? I know some people say use Verbatim DVD-R, but I have a lot of DVD+R's and I didn't want to waste my money on DVD-R's.

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    Yes it will.. i have used DVD R+ myself... no issues..

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    all 3 work fine
    DVD - R
    DVD + R
    DVD + RW

    people say verbatim dvd -r, have the best dye and make the laser last the longest
    also according to people, dvd +r, make it die faster, its really more he said she said, but you can believe it if you want

    i really think its all about people who got bad drives, or something like that, since i dont believe the system is that tempermental and the mod chip supplier i bought from said it was all bunk

    but thats just a little FYI so you get some extra help :3

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    i have only ever used dvd+r verbatim. they work well too i guess, not compared to anything else yet. however it is advised that if you plan to use +r you should use imageburn software and set the layerbreak to 2084960 exactly. i havent the time to go into the reasons why. but it is about the way the laser burns the disc and setting the layerbreak keeps the burning specs the same as original discs. this does not apply to -r discs though.

    technically, +r discs are technically superior, remember the blueray hd-dvd wars? blueray won for being technically superior, and this is similar on a much smaller scale

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    I've only been with a mod chip for a few days, but what I discoved so far:

    - Dynex DVD -R discs DO NOT WORK. I've burned hundreds of DVD's with them and no issues. I have a Sony and an off-brand DVD burner, using Nero 7.9, slowest speeds per drive...the Wii just won't read them.

    - Sony DVD +R. Work great, no issues so far, using both burners.

    Burning 4x w/ my off brand, 2.4x with my Sony.

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    as long as it works


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