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Thread: WII 2.1 E to 4.3 E Online update

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    WII 2.1 E to 4.3 E Online update

    Hey everyone!

    I have a WII 2.1 E and wana update it to an higher firmware

    I cant update it with a game disk(i dont have any),cannot use twilight hack(dont have Zelda),cant use bannerbomb v1 or v2(firmware to low).

    So i am gonna update it with the WII internet and i think thats gonna update it too 4.3
    Soo.... i need now a tutorial how to hack a 4.3 E firmware WII.

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    another thread on your decisions?

    you already found the any wii guide or Softmod 4.3 Wiis guide
    it is explained there...
    wonder how you play your games without any discs around haha.
    you WILL need lego indiana jones in the end, retail/shop version or you won't be able to mod. Buy at least one game for your console..

    <--suggestions helped? press Thanks

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