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Thread: The names chad :)

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    The names chad :)

    Hello and salutations fellow wii hackers. I have been following the homebrew project for alittle over a year now and have bricked 2 out of the 4 wiis I own. I am looking forward to mingling with all of the knowledgable peeps that participate in the wiihacks community and to further gain the experince needed to perform all my future ventures successfully . I am currently running with a softmodded Wii 3.2U,starfallv0.5,DOP-MII(v12),BOOTMII(Installed as boot 2),DVDX and a whole bunch of other nifty tools. My current interest has been in createing an injected wad file from one of my most favored SNES games-Radical Dreamers. Thank you for reading this introductry thread. Well, I got to go get my sleep on now, peace and god bless!!!

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    Hey Chad, Welcome to:
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